Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Badminton Writing

I never knew what badminton was. Listening to Mr Marks say you kids have badminton after morning tea, I was shocked and worried that it would be a running game. After morning tea we had to line up and wait for Mr Marks to come. When Mr Marks came we went to the hall and sat down. The badminton coach called Lorene was telling us the rules about badminton.

First we had to get a racket and we had to take a shuttle. We had to hit the shuttle with the racket. I kept on dropping the shuttle. Next we had to get a partner and one person had to get the cone, and the other person has to have a racket and a shuttle. The first person hits the shuttle to us and we have to catch the shuttle with the cone. Then we swap around. There is another skill that we have to hit it two times and we have to hit it under our legs.

The the other time we went to badminton we had 3 small courts and 1 big court. We had 6 people in our group. That was Mya, Tashell, Lisa, Taamai, Doris and me. There are 4 people in front of the net. If they miss it, it is another persons turn. When it was my turn I had to keep my eye on shuttle in order to hit it. It was so much fun playing Badminton.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Snowy Day At New Zealand

When the people drove on the snowy road it was slippery. They have to drive their cars carefully and serious. The cars was heavily coated with snow.
When the people drove on the snowy road it was slippery. They have to drive their cars carefully and seriously. The cars were heavily coated with snow.

Monday, August 15, 2011

At School

Do you know what we do at school. At morning teas and lunch times we go to the library. We put away the books where their supposed to go, and we clean the shelves. The library monitors are Jouan, Mohammed, Hajera, Moala, Britney and I. Hajera is the head librarian.

We sometimes play games, like we get a green sticker and we have to tag another person with it. We sometimes hide ourselves on top of the beanbags. And we play other games and we color in a colouring books.