Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kiwi Kick

For the next four weeks we will be playing Aussie rules. It is a game from Australia which is played with a rugby looking ball. There were two people who came to our school to teach us some skills. The two people were Sam, who said we could call him sandwich, and Anita. They were so awesome playing aussie kick. We played with Room 17.

They taught us how to kick with the laces in the front, and holding the ball sideways. We had to chose a partner to play with. I was with Mya. We had to chose a space where we could work. The netball courts were crowded and a lot of people were running around so Mya and I chose a place on the field.

When we went the second day we were really excited to be there. We followed Anita to the shed and she said we were going to find three partners. I rushed quickly to find Giselle and Jouan. We were so happy that the three of us were together.

While we played the ball went all over the place! Anita blew the whistle and we all ran to where we were directed. It sounded like people stomping! We then said our thanks to Sam and Anita and headed back to our classrooms.

My Progress - Week 6

Here is my progress of my work this week so far.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting Hooked On To Art

We came down onto the mat when Mr Somervile called us. He showed us where we go to see the picasso art videos so we had some ideas during art. We all had some time looking at those videos.

It was so amazing and it also looked 3D as we had watched them. One of them were the best using spray cans and a lot of interesting colours were there. I just love the finishing off. The finishing off looked like a giant big moon.

This other one had a million pictures of Picasso's art. They were so interesting with the colors and a lot of nice things they had as well and the videos were really stunning and awesome too.

I really want to learn heaps of things from art and the drawing because that's one of my hobbies. And I was a so excited because we were learning about Art Alive.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Art Alive

The most exciting part of school is doing art! This team we were learning about art alive. We all love to draw things and paint and do all sort of thing with them. Coloring with lots of colorful colour and with heaps of laughter.

I have done some patterns from Fatu Feu'u. He is a very cool artist it has so much details in it. I like his female and male patten. This term I want to do heaps of art and learn heaps of things from it.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Time Had Come

When the bell started ringing, everyone had started running into their class when we went through this hallway. When we got into class we finally saw the time when room sixteen would go swimming at the Pt England Aquatic Centre. When we went to school on monday we were really anxious because we wanted to go swimming straight away!

When Mr S told us were going swimming at 2:15 to 2:45 it took us five minutes to walk there. While we took our first step inside the pools it smelt like chlorine and chemicals. We went inside the changing rooms and quickly got changed and went to our pool. We first had a test to know which group we are in.

Me and Giselle were in number one because i'm a little short to go in the middle part... and I couldn't really swim! We had a lot of fun going there because the instructors name is Ben. It was the best!