Thursday, February 23, 2012

What Happening in Your Weekends?

This morning when my mobile alarm went ringing in my ear. I quickly grabbed and turned it off.
anxiously I looked at my cloak and it was just 6:00. I was very sleepy so I slept in one hour.

When my mum woke me up at 7:00. I quickly got ready and went upstairs with my brother.
To have warm Milo. I drank it all and went downstairs.

I turned on the TV. Waiting for the right time to go school. I was very excited. I smiled at the clock and rushed to go school. So maybe you could tell me what happened in your weekend?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Free Blog Post

What do you like to do in the holidays? I like to go swimming and stay home. Because I don't like sunny days. Most of the people like it. Who likes going on shopping? I hate going for shopping

Have you ever woke at 6;30 and get ready. Well I have to do it everyday. I enjoy doing it. I love doing maths at school.

Friday, February 3, 2012

New Year and New Class

Hi my name is Saadiya, I am ten years old. My birthday is on the 30 September. My nationality is Indian.

This year I am in room sixteen and our teacher is Mr Somerville. Room 16 is a year 6 class in Pt England. My best friend are Jouan, Taeshell. And I have five people in my family, Aziz, Salma are my mum and dad. Shahid Ahmed are my brothers and me.
Whats your Favorite sport?, mine is badminton and swimming. And I like Selena Gomez because she has a great voice. And my favorite movie is H2o standing for water. I like zebras.

My favorite subjects are reading, writing, maths, and art. I like these things because they give me ideas to come up our own way. And become good at everything.

My hobbies are going swimming and Playing super tux on my net book. And riding my bicycle,in the yard and going to the beach. These things are very fun and awesome to try out.