Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Playing Subway Surf

Have you heard of subway surf? Well once you start playing, belive me! You can never stop playing. You should have a turn playing it. You need an the latest version of an Ipod 4th generation or  an iPad or iphone to download it.

Subway surf is a game where you have an inspector running after you because you were caught tagging on train cars. Well, it is kind of like temple run because you have to collect coins.  You can get a high score if you beat your last score.

The fun thing about it is that you have a mission every time you finish one. You have to collect letters which complete a word while you're playing. This is called the daily challenge.

I enjoy playing subway surfers because it just has magic to get you inspired in it. Sometimes I can never beat my latest score.

Thursday, July 19, 2012



This is my image of what we have been doing with Miss King and Mrs Tele'a. This is me playing tennis.  Hope you enjoyed it.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Upcoming Event

Do you like Olympics? Well Pt England School theme is Go For Gold and the teacher had got prepared to the Immersion Assembly. There was a variety of different sports. Everyone is so excited to learn about it.

Mrs Barks was hosting and Mrs Lavakula was the famous boxer and Miss Tuala was the famous runner. I loved the team twos because it is really funny how Miss Lavakula boxed Mr Barks down.

One more thing, that I really enjoyed watching team fours movie because they were the divers and swimmers. It had Miss Garden, Mr Marks, Mr Somerville, and Mrs King, and Miss Ouano. The funny thing about Mr Marks was that he had a really giant hand! and he couldn't swim with it really. The worst thing was that Mr Marks even had a mohawk  on his head.

I really enjoyed being there watching the immersion assembly. It was really fun watching difference  of videos about olympics and learning more. I am looking forward to learn as much as different things in olympics.