Monday, October 29, 2012

Soldiers Fail!

Laughing like a mad crazy person while watching this youtube video. All my cousins were looking at me like, 'What on earth is she up to?' “Guys, come over here!” I shouted across the room. I really wanted to show them this movie!

They all had laughed as well. “That’s funny as!” one of my cousins choked while laughing too hard. “Shut up!” my little brother screams, trying to focus on his homework. “You guys laugh at dry stuff!”

By the way, if you haven’t already watched this video, there were two soldiers walking across the road. Though they seemed to fail, as they slid down the slope and face planted.

Well they might have not known that they were being filmed. Also they had totally lost their minds. Well I bet when you watch it you will also laugh madly as I did. We had an awesome time watching this video and it surely made my day!

Lily's Dream

“Come on pack you bags” said Mum, We have to leave because dads waiting for us. You know his anger! Do we have to go? says lily. Obviously because it is dads surprise. Now come on.

Dad is so excited that he mostly takes our whole house. Oh seriously does dad have to take so many thing. Mum says “do you think I know where he's taking us for our holiday”. Lilly keeps playing her video game. Wow says mum. What are beautiful beach. Lilly says “hey that Pt England School reserve”.

Dad says “I know, We will be doing fishing and finding food here and will live here for three days”. But how are we going to swim across the other side of the river to check some stuff out. Says Lily “ Yeah she is right” Said Mum. “There's no boats and plus it is really deep down there”.

First lets put our tents up and get the fire going. Lilly goes dose the tent. “Read the instruction dear” says Mum. Lilly says “ I'm so cool to read the instruction”. So she seriously does the tent looking like a tangled wire. Help shouts Lilly. Mum and dad come rushing towards them and says “dear are you aright!” So they all help with the tent.

So they get everything ready. “all set to go says dad. Yummy says lilly a barbecue tonight. After they finished eating. They all went inside the tent all talked and went to sleep. There were some noises of these strange things. Lilly was so not afraid to go outside and see what it was. It was a ghost with red eyes. OMG!!! she shouted but they were all sleeping.

Suddenly she fainted right there. Mum woke up and looked for lilly. What she was sleeping in the sand Said mum. She splashed water on her. she acted all weird and really different that she was trying to escape the beach. Once when mum and dad went looking for food. She had escaped the beach. Mum and dad came back. Lilly where are you there said. Dad looked around the whole beach but she wasn't there.

They had packed their bags and were about to leave. Until the saw this girl on the sand sitting alone, Mum thought she was Lilly and she went up to her. But she was the ghost staring at mum. She then realised that is was lilly’s dream... She was so scared and began to force dad if they could leave. Dad agreed and they went home...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fred And the Toys!!

I always wished that my toys could come alive. Suddenly, Fred had put a camera on by his toy section place. As always, when Fred goes to sleep the toys magically come alive on Zip Zap Avenue. Surprisingly, they had come alive and felt awkward even though no one was there.

They felt awkward as if someone had put a camera to spy on them! They got the tallest toy and got the fattest toy and the fat one had lifted the tall one up. They grabbed the camera and had chucked it on the floor as many times as they could and then the camera broke.

They had enjoyed their whole night partying and then they had became so tired that they had slept. Also Fred had woken up before they went back to being toys so Fred had seen the toys sleeping. They were snapped! They were all feeling guilty, afraid and nervous because Fred hated liars!

But the toys were wrong because Fred had wished that the toys could talk. He had always used his time on the toys to share his feelings. They had an awesome time together and never felt left out.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Brother Ahmed

You know that we have an iPad, so you might even know how annoying my brother Ahmed is! He is very chubby and he is so smart. He makes fun of people and says” Hi” to random people.

Sitting down to play on the iPad, Ahmed saw me sit down and wanted to go on the iPad so he started to cry and pull my hair until I gave the iPad to him. After a while, he wanted to watch Bob the Builder, so he came to me and tried to be cute. Obviously, I then went on YouTube and played Bob the Builder for him.

Friday, October 19, 2012

The New Topic... Toy Story

As I took the first step inside the class, I look at the topic board. I was shocked that we were learning about toy story. I was happy that we were learning about toy story. I actually didn't mind. I was depressed to go to immersion assembly.

Soon as we all sat down. We all saw other teachers dressed up in costumes. I could not wait until the teachers were up on stage! Some of the teachers were funny like Mrs Barks was barbie and Mr Barks was ken. With a weird hairstyle. My favorite performance was Team one and team three’s.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Yay! I shouted, Studdy ladder reading is back. I am so happy that we are using Studdy-ladder back. We had stopped using Studdy-ladder because we had reading eggs-press. Mr Somerville has already gave us some activities.

So every group had mostly ten activity to do before Friday. I am in pandas. We have to do at least two a day. Every one is so happy that we have it back!


Elmo's World