Monday, October 29, 2012

Soldiers Fail!

Laughing like a mad crazy person while watching this youtube video. All my cousins were looking at me like, 'What on earth is she up to?' “Guys, come over here!” I shouted across the room. I really wanted to show them this movie!

They all had laughed as well. “That’s funny as!” one of my cousins choked while laughing too hard. “Shut up!” my little brother screams, trying to focus on his homework. “You guys laugh at dry stuff!”

By the way, if you haven’t already watched this video, there were two soldiers walking across the road. Though they seemed to fail, as they slid down the slope and face planted.

Well they might have not known that they were being filmed. Also they had totally lost their minds. Well I bet when you watch it you will also laugh madly as I did. We had an awesome time watching this video and it surely made my day!

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  1. Hi Saadiya, What an hilarious video! I was cracking up and not just because of the video... I was also cracking up because of your story!!! It was a perfect story to go with the video. Well done! Fantastic job girl! Keep it up.

    From your now favourite blog reader... Jouan :)


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