Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fred And the Toys!!

I always wished that my toys could come alive. Suddenly, Fred had put a camera on by his toy section place. As always, when Fred goes to sleep the toys magically come alive on Zip Zap Avenue. Surprisingly, they had come alive and felt awkward even though no one was there.

They felt awkward as if someone had put a camera to spy on them! They got the tallest toy and got the fattest toy and the fat one had lifted the tall one up. They grabbed the camera and had chucked it on the floor as many times as they could and then the camera broke.

They had enjoyed their whole night partying and then they had became so tired that they had slept. Also Fred had woken up before they went back to being toys so Fred had seen the toys sleeping. They were snapped! They were all feeling guilty, afraid and nervous because Fred hated liars!

But the toys were wrong because Fred had wished that the toys could talk. He had always used his time on the toys to share his feelings. They had an awesome time together and never felt left out.

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