Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Touch Rugby

With the determined to beat the other team we had all made sure will always try our best! and never give up. We put it in our heads put it tuned to be opposite rather than us winning the other team had won the first round!

Ow yeah I forgot to tell you who was in our teams. Actually we really didn't have teams we had a really messy team. Which we just did what we were told! Really I sucked at it! We play it every Wednesday. I think it’s a good sport to play.

The first section we had to wear bands to know what teams were in! There was four or five groups. There was yellow, and no bands, blue, red But the second section we didn’t have bands.

Touch rugby is a really good sport I think everyone should play it! maybe thats not my type of sport.        

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cyber Smart and the 3p's

        Cybersmart and the 3p's
Smart Relations are really important because if you are on the net talking to a person online you need to watch what you say. Probably even pass positive comments! Be a good friend and help your friends when they need you. Give them more information about who you are. Always know who you are talking to. Never ever give them your usernames and passwords. Don’t be a cyber-bully because one day it may happen to you?  Avoid being dodgy because you might get caught one way or another!

Monday, February 25, 2013

About Me

              What Room 21 thinks about me?

  • Fun
  • Smart
  • Good at reading
  • Good at dancing
  • Good at playing skipping
  • Good at everything
  • Fun and fit
  • Is good
  • Amazing
                                                    Acoustic Poem 
Amazing at writing recants  
Dancing is great
Is quite
Yells like a mouse

Saadiya is quite like a mouse and is smart at reading and writing like a tiger running to it’s prey! And is small like like a turtle. Short as a rabbit . Rabbit are sweet and loving and really cute. Loves to swim but probably swims like a blast of firework blasting in the sky!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Assembly FiaFia part 2

Each fiafia well has performance to greet us in and we had a normal Friday but then a blast went on and the pretty culture Indian came in with the really amazing cloths and surely they all took my heart away. They were just brilliant that if you say how many words that we’ll be less. I just can’t wait till the actual night!!

Pt England School

Guess what? I'm leaving my childhood school. I really don’t want to move but I am because my dad bought a house in Mt Roskill. But I'm really going to miss my school Pt England School. I'm really gutted because this is my last fiafia but I wouldn't be there! But I really would comment on blog and more..

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fiafia Assembly

Fiafia is about your passion and your thoughts. We all just learned everything just in one week. Thanks to Ms Muliaumasealii for making us believe in ourselves and making us just do it without knowing anyone would be there performing and made us believe in our dreams!

Oh my God how can I forget about the really funny thing was Mr Barks really actually got the whole assembly and parents laughing crazy because of the way he was dancing! Also Mr Barks was dancing at the same time while Levi drummed. He really did an awesome job at that.

Laughter and joy is all that you could hear and a minute or two you could hear whispers and cheers spreading! The actual reason for doing it was to get the audience cheering. As soon as they (Mr Barks and Levi) left we had the singers coming. They were Uili, Hasana, Henry  they sang ‘I believe’. They were just so great that there was no word to describe it.  

Kingston blew the conch shell. I think that was the hardest thing to do.  Gabriel knew that was the call for him to come out. Gabriel represented Maori and Makerita represented Samoa. During that we had the dragan going.

What they did was really mind blowing.  Jouan and Quaisha did the Ballet they really had the passion. I think one day they would really became ballerinas! Kevin and Rebecca did gymnastics, wow that surely would be hard to do the splits! Cycling with one wheel is just not possible but Isara made it possible by doing it.

Oh my God it’s my turn! I tried getting confident but I really actually failed! But maybe I just had to get up there and perform. I really did not do a great job at the Indian dance that’s for sure. Oh yeah I was behind my friend Dhara the person with the beautiful green clothes.

Performing on stage actually gave me a bit of confidence to really just go on and just do it!  My goal is to get more confident this year and really speak up. Thinking about the real night gives me a fright! I can’t wait till the actual FiaFia 2013!

Friday, February 15, 2013

The three p's poem

Have you ever been kind to a friend. Or participated in an activity. Or look after your teacher if not what are you for waiting for it's never too late to change and also remember protection partnership or participation!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What if I was rich and famous?

If I was rich I would help people with cancer and fund raise for schools and kindergartens. Although what will I do with all that money? Because I have everything I already need like a mansion, a loving family, and a lot of respect and reputation.

Most of all I forgot something really cool about me is? I am very famous too. If you don't know then go search Google and write Saadiya Peragar you would see my blog.

Even though I would be famous or rich I would still be me myself and I! I would like to be rich and famous but I prefer have a normal and simple life! What life would you want to have?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

About me poem

talkative, helpful, caring, sleepy
Sibling of Ahmed, Shahid
Lover of heights, Rides, Fizzy drink,
Who fears violence, bull dogs
Who needs Friends to make me feel better
Who gives help to people, and gives respect to other people
Who would like to see more of the world
Resident of Glen Innes

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Rainbow's End

YAY! we are nearly by rainbow's end.  Our first  ride was the bumper cars it was  really a fun activity to start with. Then I think was the pirate ship! it was really cool being at the top seats. You could fell the stomache felling.

"No way i'm going to go on the fear fall" I said to my cousin! "just come its really not scary"! she said. I believed her and went on it. I was freaked out and I thought it was my last day of life for sure. I just loved the felling that I had about the fear fall that I wanted to go again!

My number 1 best ride is the fear fall and the invader and the roller coaster!I really cant wait to go again maybe you should go on it to and tell me how it was like?