Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fiafia Assembly

Fiafia is about your passion and your thoughts. We all just learned everything just in one week. Thanks to Ms Muliaumasealii for making us believe in ourselves and making us just do it without knowing anyone would be there performing and made us believe in our dreams!

Oh my God how can I forget about the really funny thing was Mr Barks really actually got the whole assembly and parents laughing crazy because of the way he was dancing! Also Mr Barks was dancing at the same time while Levi drummed. He really did an awesome job at that.

Laughter and joy is all that you could hear and a minute or two you could hear whispers and cheers spreading! The actual reason for doing it was to get the audience cheering. As soon as they (Mr Barks and Levi) left we had the singers coming. They were Uili, Hasana, Henry  they sang ‘I believe’. They were just so great that there was no word to describe it.  

Kingston blew the conch shell. I think that was the hardest thing to do.  Gabriel knew that was the call for him to come out. Gabriel represented Maori and Makerita represented Samoa. During that we had the dragan going.

What they did was really mind blowing.  Jouan and Quaisha did the Ballet they really had the passion. I think one day they would really became ballerinas! Kevin and Rebecca did gymnastics, wow that surely would be hard to do the splits! Cycling with one wheel is just not possible but Isara made it possible by doing it.

Oh my God it’s my turn! I tried getting confident but I really actually failed! But maybe I just had to get up there and perform. I really did not do a great job at the Indian dance that’s for sure. Oh yeah I was behind my friend Dhara the person with the beautiful green clothes.

Performing on stage actually gave me a bit of confidence to really just go on and just do it!  My goal is to get more confident this year and really speak up. Thinking about the real night gives me a fright! I can’t wait till the actual FiaFia 2013!

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