Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Birthday

"Hey, You forgot my birthday? Oh come on." OH seriously it is easy. 30th September. Even my friends know. Like Jouan And Dhara and Mya. Sometime I get so excited that I sometimes scream !!!! I know heaps peoples birthday's Like Jouan's one is on 17th September and Obviously No one but the really annoying and funny Teacher Mr S's one is on  the 28th Of August.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yay! Mrs Wood is back!!!

Well you must know Mrs Wood? Well I had been in her class when I was a year 2. Sadly I couldn't be with her for a long time. Because she had a baby. Luckily we had Mrs Apted. But for now we should celebrate that Mrs Wood is back!

She is my favorite teacher! Because she is very kind also very polite. Most of all the funnies was that I always use to win when we had a hand-writing competition. Even though I never realised!

I am so glad that Mrs Wood is back. I really want to be in her class again because I love being in my old teachers classes again and again. I can not wait till I meet her. Mrs Wood You're The Best!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012


Do you know why I’m so excited, I am excited because we got an white ipad. We bought it from bond + bond. We finally got it because my dad kept saying he will get it? but I say when!

I always play games and do my marking on there. It is easy to do stuff like maths practise because we just need to write it on our maths book. I also do stuff that i’m behind on.

I am really happy that my dad bought it. Because it is really usefull doing work also playing games. Mostly we can take photos and change them around.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Do you know how often you have a sneeze? Well my story is about sneezing. You know when you sneeze the sneeze blows out about a centimetre long. So I think we probably have to put our hands over our mouth. So it doesn't spread around.

You might be wondering why we get sneezes? It might be that you have an allergy to something or you might have got it from another person. We have to really be careful. Sometimes we get really sick because of it.

When we sneeze we should always put our hand over our mouth. We blow out snorts and much more stuff. So I think that if you at least try to cover your mouth when you sneeze!

The only way you could stop it is to put your hands over your mouth. So that other people won’t get it and that we won't be sick.