Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

When I was a year 1 student and first started at Pt England I was asking the teacher about everything. But now as I am a year six I ask Google instead! I have learned so many new things about net-books for the past 2 years. Since I have my net-book I always finish on time and always have cared of my netbook.

I really enjoyed my net-book this year because it has absolutely helped me with all sorts of stuff. It is way better than using paper and pencils because with paper and pencils you have have to ask the teacher for something, (like our work!) Rather with netbooks if you need help you can just ask Google or email, You could learn create and share anywhere you are.

Things I get frustrated with are that sometimes it takes too long to connect to the internet, often some pages pop up where it says kill pages, which is mostly on chrome. Our netbooks can be weak in the hinges and that if we drop our net-book it'll get a crack or something on it. The webcam and sound isn't as high quality as I would like either.

Overall its perfect and awesome. Net-books have changed my learning so much than using pens and papers! Next year I hope to see some changes. Thank You to everyone for helping get us netbooks!

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