Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Old Man


Step by step as an old man took with that really cold breeze. With that oversized grey and black coat and the smell of the beach smelt soggy and a beachy smell. He was trudging along the sand. The grey hair and his long brown pants he had.

He was in his thought of his childhood  memories. The noise of seagulls scavenging and whispers and people talking? maybe his family was the crowd in the distance? Walking on the wet soggy sand. No one knows where that old man is from or where but maybe his memories are dragging him to his family, to his world of happiness

As the waves brushed towards his feet. He felt ache but he wouldn't stop he kept walking and walking. The weather started changing quickly with heavy rains but once again he didn't stop he kept walking.

Everyone was running everywhere but he stayed there in the heavy rain but possibly there was no sign. These two cute girls called Ella and Maria were really trying to help the old man but he heard nothing. The girls ran to him in the rain and pulled him two a side. The old man had shock and said “Ella Maria what are you doing here” we're here with grandma and you. You remember?  

The old man said “wheres your grandma”  “barbecuing for us” they replied! Grandma was worried where grandpa had gone in the cold but when he went to her she smiled and that's how they meet after that time. But then the rain had went and the sun rises back up and thats the story of the old man getting lost in his thought.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013


PEPA is just a very awesome idea from Ms Muliaumaseali'i has got for the school. A chance to prove what you can do and prove your  friends and family what you can do! I have been in PEPA for a while now. I did ballet when I was a year 6 and did an Indian dance in front of the stage in year 7 meaning this year.

Lots of people have been signing up for lots of different thing in PEPA like hip hop and ballet,  pacific dance and more. We had PEPA last year but maybe we will have it some time this year.

 I have really actually learnt a lot of this this year and last year. How to get confident. Ms Muliaumaseali'i told us "when we perform you just do it don't think about other people". That really helped me get confident.

This term we have Fiafia. Were the whole school has to participate in and dance whether its there culture or some other culture! I have participated in my own Indian one. You won't be able to see me in Fiafia performing because I'll be moving. But you should really actually come see it. It on the 18th of April!