Thursday, August 2, 2012

life Ed

Finally the time had come. As soon as I knew that we were going to the life education caravan I was so excited. I was so excited because we were going to see and meet Harold and Lynn.

I really learnt a lot of things inside the life ed. We learnt that energy drinks have caffeine in them. Caffeine is something that is not good for your body at all. We watched a video about a boy called Alex who slept late and didn’t look after his tenana. Alex had a very bad day. What made his day so bad was that he left his lunch home, he didn’t have a good breakfast, Alex miss the bus, he couldn’t play soccer and he didn’t look after his body properly.   

My favorite part was learning about our body. The best game we played was that a player sits on a chair and another player gets one of the body parts and puts it on the wall. The player who sits on the chair has to guess what it is.

I love going to the life education caravan and learning cool facts about our body. Mostly we always go there after a year now! I can’t wait till next year to see harold again. We love you Harold!

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