Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Olympic Story

Do you know much about Tennis? Well I really enjoyed searching stuff and finding out all about.    

Do you know all the sports in Olympics? Well I didn't know until I searched it up. There are heaps of sports they do. The olympics are being held in  London this year.

Did you know that Tennis was invented in France ..... we all know what tennis balls look like today a green and fuzzy ball, but have you ever thought what the first tennis balls were made of? Well it was made of wool or hair wrapped up in leather.

Tennis is played on a rectangular flat surface or on grass, hardcorut and concrete. Two people play at once. We use a racket and a tennis ball to play. The clothes you wear are  probably t-shirts and maybe shorts and shoes.

Have you seen people in wheelchairs play tennis? Well you know that people in wheelchairs can also play. It got started in 1976.

Thank you for hearing my story about tennis. Hope you enjoy the london olympics.


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